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Zihuatanejo enjoys a wonderfully colorful history that spans nearly three centuries. From the early pirate enclaves and marauding Spanish galleons, to present day movie stars and global dignitaries, the once tiny village of Zihuatanejo has long been home to a luminous array of adventurers drawn to the tranquility of this comfortably hidden retreat. Playa La Ropa

Built by Mr. Alfonso Galindo Mackintosh in 1952, Catalina Beach Resort (former Hotel Catalina) was the first hotel along Zihuatanejo's beautiful and protected bay shoreline. Nestled between lush tropical plants on a dramatic cliffside, overlooking a pristine bay of virgin white beaches alive with tropical birds, animals and incredible area fauna, the Hotel Catalina remained the prominent commercial property along the magnificent La Ropa Beach bay front for almost a decade.

Palapas on Playa La RopaIn 1956, Mr. Carlos Breuer and a group of investors purchased the Hotel Catalina from the Mackintosh family. By 1973, Mr. Breuer had both married and purchased sole interest in the Hotel Catalina. Carlos and his new bride, Eva Bergtold, began building an enchanting 35-year vision of hotel expansions and service improvements, which quickly became known among the more elite circles in continual search of unaffected and peaceful hideaways. National and international artists, movie stars, writers, aristocrats, diplomats and dignitaries all eventually found their way to the relaxed seclusion of the Hotel Catalina. Peggy Guggenheim, King Umberto of Italy, Count Stauffenberg, the Ludwigs, the Guinnesses, the McNie's, Alice Adams, Henry Calvin, Lauren Hutton, Larry Rivers, John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Liz Taylor, George Hamilton, Grace Jones and Mick Jagger have all frequented the warm and gentle privacy that have long been the heart and spirit of Carlos and Eva's vision.

Doña EvaWith deep condolences from a virtually global community, Carlos passed away in January 2002, leaving sole ownership of the Hotel Catalina to Eva. In her unabashed style of forever-unwavering devotion, Eva is currently engaged in a new series of property upgrades, beginning with the recent renaming of the hotel to the new Catalina Beach Resort. For over five decades now, the Catalina Beach Resort has been an unrivaled treasure of truly intimate and unspoiled seclusion. From its very inception to this present day, the new Catalina Beach Resort, continues a long tradition to "Fulfill The Promise", the promise that will always remain the inimitable Zihuatanejo.

Press review

Articles about the Catalina in newspapers and travel books:

- NY Times loves Catalina Beach Resort -

NY Times (May 19th, 2002) "A few days into my weeklong stay in Zihuatanejo in January, I got the distinct feeling I was getting away with something just by being there ... My husband, Matthew, and I had come to Zihuatanejo for a belated honeymoon. We were looking for a typical sunny setting in Mexico, one slightly off the beaten beach path. But, being city people at heart, we wanted to be near a good selection of restaurants and shops ... Zihuatanejo, for us, turned out to be a perfect and amiable alternative. It's often described by guidebooks and brochures as "a sleepy fishing village," though it's home to nearly 40,000 people, several of whom pointed out to me that it hasn't been a sleepy fishing village for the last 30 years, not since Ixtapa arrived on the scene and Zihua began catering to the new influx of tourists to the area. What is indisputable is Zihua's authentic small-town charm ...

Our hotel, it turned out, dated from the fishing village years. The 1950's-vintage Hotel Catalina is the town's oldest lodging, ... The Catalina's terraced, stucco bungalows all have ocean views, and white-washed, fan-cooled interiors, with attractive bamboo furniture, minifridges and basic, shower-only bathrooms. Suites also offer large, partly shaded private balconies strung with hammocks.

The Catalina resembles a big Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, since its buildings and amenities - including a pool and two bars - sprawl over a steep, tropical hillside and are interconnected by networks of stone staircases, often draped with vines ... Playa La Ropa is a half-mile crescent of powdery sand snugly bookended by glistening cliffs."

Frommer's México: Sotavento and Catalina Beach Resorts* "Perched on a hill above the beach, these hotels are meant for people who want to relax near the ocean in a beautiful and simple setting and don't want to be bothered by televisions or be closed up in air-conditioned rooms. The Catalina consists of a collection of bungalows tucked away in the tropical vegetation ... The bungalows in the Catalina are more decoratively furnished with Mexican tile floors, wrought iron furniture, and artwork. Some (all) come with ocean-view terraces. The restaurant serves good food ... There is a pool down by the beach ..." Frommer's Acapulco & Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Book: Catalina and Sotavento Beach Resorts* "Perched high on a hill close to each other and managed together, these two attractive hotels were among the first in the area and retain the slow-paced, gracious mood of Zihuatanejo in its early days as a little known hideaway. The Catalina has recently remodeled many of its rooms with Mexican tile, wrought iron, and other handcrafted touches; these also have lovely terraces with ocean views and come with two queen-size (or one king-size) beds ..."

Lonely Planet Survival Kit Mexico Book: "Places to stay ­ top end. Most of the top-end places are in Ixtapa-the giant resorts- but Playa La Ropa also has some good top-end hotels. A favorite, the Hotel Catalina-Sotavento on the hill overlooking Playa La Ropa, has one of Zihuatanejo's most beautiful settings..." *

* The hotels are now separated and independently operated. The Catalina continues to operate under the same excellent management it has had for over 40 years.

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